Donald J Trump – Flip Flopping, No Details Dummy? I Don’t Think So, Read If You Dare!


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I dedicate this op-ed to everyone out there that thinks that Donald J Trump is too vague on details, that he flip-flops on Issues.

I get so sick and tired you people whining that “Trump doesn’t give details of his plans” or “he has flip-flopped” on this or that.

People grow, dammit! I used to be a flaming liberal in my college years and up, before I saw the light! There, now that’s out of the closet! 🙂

Point being, I can understand your near-sightedness and not being able to grasp the big picture.  Been there, done that!

Details? They’re irrelevant!  

Why, you ask?

Trump is the leader, with the visions, objectives and goals. A true leader that surrounds himself with the finest team possible, to get the job done. Period.

He will appoint the very best people on his cabinet, put them to work on the solutions and get together…

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Patriot Missile: Is Donald Trump On a Mission to Save America?

Source: Patriot Missile: Is Donald Trump On a Mission to Save America?

Trump Told The Truth Once Again! Listen To Bush From His Own Mouth At His Own Press Conference!


I am just letting everyone hear once again what Bush W. told the press when he was pinned down to answer for his going into Iraq on the basis that they had weapons of mass destruction of which he did not have. Here from his own mouth at his own press conference is George W. Bush admitting both that Iraq did not have them, and it had nothing to do with 911.  Trump told the truth.

Dianne Marshall

Also watch what was hidden from the media regarding the lies of Bush.

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Top Bilderberger Declares War On Donald Trump – The World Elite Are Scared!



Regular Bilderberg attendee and associate editor of the Financial Times, Martin Wolf, insists that the “global super elite” must stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

According to a New Republic profile, Wolf is “staggeringly well-connected within the elite circles he is writing for” and counts amongst his close friends many influential central bankers.

In an editorial entitled The economic losers are in revolt against the elites, Wolf writes that economic “losers” have rejected “the elites that dominate the economic and cultural lives of their countries” and that “the potential consequences are frightening.” He’s talking about you, people!

Asserting that “it may already be too late” to stop the wave of populism that Trump has spearheaded, Wolf notes that elites have become, “detached from domestic loyalties and concerns, forming instead a global super-elite.

This in turn has left ordinary Americans “alienated” and “abused,” with discord over high levels of immigration…

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baton rouge 311CF56200000578-3443410-image-a-2_1455246778018

While other candidates are paying millions to have so-called experts write super PAC ads and promos, Trump Supporters have out shined all the millions by writing and producing campaign ads from the heart for the man who has their voice.  One of the most remarkable truths that cannot be denied is the wave of support Trump has from the people! Experts are shaking their heads and asking why?

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None of the other GOP candidates can pack a room like Trump did in Baton Rouge with 11 thousand inside and 5,000 outside who could not get in….Super PAC donor millions can’t buy the American people!  This election is not business as usual – this election is about saving America!  There is only one who has boldly stepped forward to make  America Great Again – Donald J. Trump!

Dianne Marshall

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Trump’s victory speech was very moving for all.  When he began his speech and started thanking those who were very close to him, it was obvious he felt very deeply when he thanked his parents who loved this country very much and who he acknowledged as looking down upon him and being very proud.  That was the moment.  The defining moment of what each vote means to him. Trump spoke with a big chunk of his heart, and each supporter listening could tell it is truly all about lifting up this great nation and  making her great again.

“We are going to make America great again. So, I want to thank everybody but I really have to begin by paying homage to my parents Marianne and Fred they’re up there and they’re looking down, they’re saying this is something very, very special, they love this country and they’re very very happy right now so.”

Donald graciously in the most honorable manner thanked his family…

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In a surprising chain of events, many  New Hampshire voters were looking for Trump today…many didn’t see him as a republican, nor a democrat so they thought he was an independent…and were totally shocked to find he was on the republican ballot.

Listen as a those working at a precinct tell their story of people wanting to find out how to vote for Trump…some wanted to register as an independent to vote for Trump and were surprised he was a republican.  Why?  He didn’t sound like one – in a good way.  His ideas were so American.

Now let’s keep this movement going!  TRUMP IS THE MAN TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!  People are tired of the establishment bully horn!

Dianne Marshall

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