Free Weight Loss Regimen That’s Guaranteed To Cause You To Shed Pounds As Long As YOU Want, WHEN You Want!!!

The weight loss regimen I am going to tell you about is guaranteed  to cause you to shed all your unwanted, extra weight when YOU  want, how often YOU choose and for how long YOU want. There are no gimmicks, no credit card or money back guarantees, because the information I am going to give you is not going to cost you one cent. And furthermore, you don’t have to join a club, eat only certain foods that cost too much, or basically change your diet very much.

As you may or may not know, there are many so-called diet programs and other advertisers of products that may or may not help people lose weight, many times people choosing to use one of these methods — and even achieving success to a degree — only to gain much — if not more — weight right back over time. The reason why these don’t work for those people is that they didn’t stick to those programs or regimens, or somehow it just didn’t work for them. Well, this regimen is GUARANTEED to work for all those who — after any necessary consultation with a doctor about this regimen — stay on it, and for as long as they want to stay on it. You can take a day or two — or even more days — off and gain some weight back, then hop back onto the regimen to shed those unnecessary extra pounds at the time of YOUR choosing!

And in my opinion, what’s really nice about this FREE regimen, is that YOU are in complete and utter control of your dieting, gaining the freedom of choice to pick and choose the days you want to lose weight, and the days you choose to take a break from the regime and cheat as much as YOU like!!!

So, one may ask: “What is this regimen?”  and “Is it new”? Well, answering the second question first, it is not new. And now answering the first question, the regimen consists of you controlling how MUCH food you take in, plus you adding a few minutes of exercise  to your weekly schedule at YOUR convenience. Does this sound like something YOU can do? If so, please read on.

Your stomach works like a clock, letting you know when to eat. You experience this when you feel — and sometimes hear — rumblings in your stomach. And like a bell at school or work, this usually occurs at about the very same time of day you usually eat a big meal. But your stomach also works as a sort of measuring device as to how much IT WANTS  to consume, DEPENDING UPON HOW MUCH IT IS CURRENTLY STRETCHED with the food that is being digested by your body that you have already eaten. If you don’t let IT have as much as IT usually receives, your stomach will inform you with messages that tell you IT is uncomfortable because IT doesn’t have as much food in IT as IT previously had in IT, with the food IT took in the day before when you ate about that same time.

If your stomach is informing you that it doesn’t have as much food in it as it usually has in it about the same it did yesterday, CONGRATULATIONS, because you are now LOSING WEIGHT!!! And as long as your stomach is telling you that it is NOT FULL, you ARE  going to LOSE WEIGHT!!!

And when you add a simple exercise option like swimming, power-walking, vigorous cycling, using free-wights, playing vigorous sports like basketball, football  or soccer, using exercise equipment or any legal and morally virtuous  exercise, including what I like to call good-n-healthy “sexersize” with your husband or wife (the longer the better, according to your doctor’s advice), you are going to shed as many pounds as YOU like for as long as YOU like — all with the knowledge that YOU control EVERYTHING at all times! And it doesn’t cost you a DIME! And it NEVER WILL!!!

I do want you to remember that nausea is a product of this regimen, and should be used as  a tool that helps you to guide you to determine how much you want to eat. But please listen to what your body is informing you and try not to UNDER-EAT so much as to cause you to vomit. If you are experiencing at any time too much nausea, then by all means I strongly suggest to you that you eat something like toast, or a variety of different kinds of meat jerkies, or cold  cereals like Cheerios, Crispix, Rice Krispies or Oh’s, or hot cereals like oatmeal or Cream of Wheat (Malt-O-Meal), or any kind of grocery store meats. Fruited yogurt can help, but this might not be enough by itself to keep you from getting diarrhea, which can happen if one doesn’t get enough of the proper foods to thwart this reaction to eating less.

If you feel SLIGHT NAUSEA, this is a sign that you are LOSING weight. I do NOT, however, recommend that people go on so-called “crash diets” in which they do not get adequate vitamins, “body-healthy-friendly-liquids,” fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, dairy products, or grains. Thankfully, this diet regimen I have told you about does NOT require one to eat too little so as to experience too much nausea or experience too much discomfort of any kind at all!

So, to sum up the diet regime I have just told you about, which I am going to call the “Weight-Loss Stomach Downsizing Eating Regimen,” it consists of using the signals that your stomach sends you every moment of every day that tells you that IT (I use capital lettering to emphasis that it is YOU versus your stomach) is hungry, to guide you to lose weight by eating less, plus you spending about 15-20 minutes a week involved in vigorous exercise. Can you do that? Yes, you CAN  succeed!!!!!!!

Just remember that the next time you feel hungry, if you want to lose weight, you are ALREADY STARTING TO LOSE WEIGHT. And also remember that you can lose as much weight as YOU like, whenever YOU choose — and for as long as YOU choose!

If you want to lose weight, just make sure that you do not exceed your regular food intake, making sure, instead, that you eat LESS than what you did the day before at that same time. You may want to start out at an easy one-bite-a-day-less regimen to test what you have learned here. So, let’s say you eat one less bite than you did the day before every day for seven days. Combined together, that’s a total whopping 27 BITES LESS food than what you potentially (sometimes even MORE) would have eaten had you not taken that last bite each and every day!!! See how easy this is? Even YOU CAN  DO THIS!!!

Now take that 27 bites and multiply it by 4 and you get a total of 108 bites. Then add three more bites for the two extra days and you get a staggering 111 less bites in only 30 days! That’s a large amount of food that you DIDN’T EAT (nor pay for, nor store, nor hassle about, etc.). Now you can see that this regimen CAN — and DOES WORK.  In fact, I know of a woman who has already implemented this kind of regimen and has lost over 20 pounds to the point where she is now within her normal Body Mass Index weight for her age and height.

When you are eating, just remember that if you want to lose weight, do NOT eat enough to make you feel full, but just eat enough food to make you feel SLIGHTLY hungry when you are done, so as not to be too much of a discomfort. You may be amazed at how much weight you are losing when you continue on this regimen, as pounds start to shed and people start to positively comment on the new, thinner you, and how they think you look younger and more fit and trim.

When you are at your desired weight, you must remember that you must NOT feel hungry, or you will lose MORE weight. You should feel full — but not TOO full — after a main meal. If you want to GAIN weight, simply eat more foods that don’t cause a diarrhea effect, making sure you feel extra full after every main meal, if you can.

Keep in mind that when a person loses too much weight past their normal Body Mass Index weight, they can acquire adverse health issues that can potentially be harmful and dangerous, to the point that it can become fatal if allowed to become too acute.

Also keep in mind that if you are obese, this is a self-induced recipe for a plethora of potential health problems that eventually can lead to death, too. But if you are obese, by losing weight so much so that you attain your normal Body Mass Index weight, you will not only be avoiding a whole host of potential heath hazards like diabetes, stroke, heart-attack, heart-disease, etc., and not only could you be extending your life by several years, but you will also be teaching your children to be ‘fit-n-trim’ and reinforce the W.L.S.D.E.R. regimen, helping to keep your children from all those potential heath risks in the first place.


One study showed that nearly eighty percent of 10-14-year-olds with AN obese parent, WILL BE OBESE AS ADULTS. Children who are obese follow this same obesity pattern into their adulthood. Plus, you not only can be a role model for others to follow, you will feel younger, have more energy, and have more money to spend that you didn’t spend on the food you would have eaten if you hadn’t done the W.L.S.D.E.R. regimen.


And of course, obesity is a symptom of lack of self-control, and is what used to be called “gluttony.” Gluttony is violation of parts of the book of Proverbs (23:20,21, 25:28) and is warned against in generalities in various parts of scripture like 1 Corinthians 3:16-17, 6:19,20 and Galatians 5:22-23. Also, in 2009-2010, more than a whopping one-third of American adults were obese. So, you can set a good example for everyone to follow when you lose all that extra weight and stay within your normal B.M.I. weight. They may thank you one day…and if you made the decision to lose weight today, then I thank you today…