Donald J Trump – Flip Flopping, No Details Dummy? I Don’t Think So, Read If You Dare!


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I dedicate this op-ed to everyone out there that thinks that Donald J Trump is too vague on details, that he flip-flops on Issues.

I get so sick and tired you people whining that “Trump doesn’t give details of his plans” or “he has flip-flopped” on this or that.

People grow, dammit! I used to be a flaming liberal in my college years and up, before I saw the light! There, now that’s out of the closet! 🙂

Point being, I can understand your near-sightedness and not being able to grasp the big picture.  Been there, done that!

Details? They’re irrelevant!  

Why, you ask?

Trump is the leader, with the visions, objectives and goals. A true leader that surrounds himself with the finest team possible, to get the job done. Period.

He will appoint the very best people on his cabinet, put them to work on the solutions and get together…

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2 Responses

  1. Trump is NWO. As a billionaire, he has ties to the NWO banks.
    I think he is a bigot who will start a war on something or somewhere just to keep everyone from looking at what is going on behind thw scenes.

    Hillary is also NWO, so it doesn’t matter who you vote for, the “globalists” win. They wikl break down monarchies and despots so they can get a bank in there to control the country.

    Libertarians are your best bet.

  2. Mr. Trump is the most anti-NWO candidate in recent historical memory. Please understand that NAFTA, TPP and other horrible trade deals ARE NWO, which he is totally against. He is AmericaFirst and AmericansFirst, which is the exact opposite of NWO. You are totally false. Libertarians won’t win the White House, but criminal Hillary might if enough people don’t vote for him.

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