Testimonies of Hell From Atheists, Agnostics, Rebels and Backsliders. Why YOU Will Survive Death, Even Though You Leave Your Body!

Even though the following are stories that are mostly from those who have had ‘Near Death Experiences (NDE),’ I want to quickly tell you of a dream I had a couple of years or so ago.

I dreamt that I was in a very tiny room and was talking to a man behind what I think I remember was a table. He said a few words to me that I do not remember and then I walked a few short feet to a few stairs up into a tiny spacecraft that I believed was going to take me to Heaven. I got in the spacecraft, while the other man who was there got in on the left side of me. We then immediately embarked away from the platform and started flying towards what I felt was Heaven. But as soon as we left, I IMMEDIATELY started to freeze solid, which was just like being TOTALLY and completely engulfed in fire from within my body. I immediately KNEW that I would be in this state of existence for all eternity, so I cried out and said as I left the vehicle to head back towards the platform, “I’m not ready yet!The driver stopped and looked back at me, while the other person looked at me as well, and then I woke up. The scripture I think that correlates with this dream is the following from 1 Corinthians 15:50 “And this I say, brothers, that flesh and blood is unable to inherit the reign of Elohim, neither does corruption inherit incorruption.” This dream took place back when I was a Christian, before I knew that those who were the original disciples of the Way of Yahusha were called ‘Natsarim,’ with ‘Natsari,’ meaning a single Believer in Yahusha Ha’Mashiach (Anointed One, Redeemer, Messiah, Savior, Master — but NOT ‘Christ’).

One day after that dream, I believe Father YAHUAH gave me — as I lay on my bed — a sense of the horrible and treacherous agony of hopelessness that ensues when one dies without hope of Heaven, only giving me a very small taste of the very beginning of a never-ending FRIGHTFUL downward spiral leading to complete and utter darkness of hopelessness and despair that seemed to me like it was even MORE painful than any actual, physical pain. I tried hard to present to you the feelings about this experience in the words written above, but words do not accurately describe the dreadful feeling of eternal hopelessness that I was allowed to feel. Eternally dying WITHOUT ANY HOPE whatsoever or any kind of second chance is the best way to describe what I felt.

The following videos may help you better understand what life is like, or better yet, death is like without EVER having ANY hope of ever getting better.

This first video is about a man who says he has actually had TWO NDE’s, the first one being a good experience, and the second one being a HORRIBLE experience.

This next video features a man who seems to have had somewhat of a similar experience of being cold AND on fire at the same time.

This next testimony is of a man who says he dropped dead in a Las Vegas casino and then went to Hell.

This next video features an African-American man who was in a car accident and says he died and went to Hell.

This next video features an atheist man and another man who didn’t know about the Savior, Yahusha Ha’Mashiach, and went to Hell.

These next two videos feature a man who didn’t take time to get to know YHWH, and then ended up being savagely torn and ravaged by non-friendly entities.

These next two videos feature an atheist man who says he became ill and kept leaving his body to fall into a deep darkness that held “untold terror” which left him with the most “horrifying, terrifying experience” he has ever encountered.

The following video is about a man who says the Creator gave him an ‘out of body’ (OBE) experience of going to Hell.

The next video is of a man who says he “knew better,” but he didn’t “do better” to live a moral life, and had an OBE of going to Hell.

Next we have a “devil worshiper” who had a dream about going to Hell.

This next video is about a man they say experienced the flames of Hell and saw the gates of Hell.

This next testimony is of a woman who “used men” and ended up in a car accident which she says took her down to a “big long tunnel” that was dark, onto her way to Hell in here NDE.

Here is a testimony of a man who says he was raised from the dead after THREE DAYS, claiming this is a sign to this generation.

Here is part one and here is part two of a woman who says the Creator’s Son took her to Hell for 30 nights.

Here is a blog entry entitled, ‘Do People Either End Up Going to ‘Heaven’ or to a Place Called the ‘Lake of Fire?’

Here is a blog post entitled, ‘Does Hell Really Exist? Why Don’t Even Some Christians Believe Hell Exists Anymore? This entry gives the scriptures as testimony that Hell DOES exist.

And finally, this next video is a compilation of written, short testimonies from people who believe Hell is a real place.

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  1. I found the second linked article to be interesting, showing how visions can be so different from Hebraic Scripture. This is why we are to trust in the Scriptures, since it says that Elohim doesn’t lie nor change.

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