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Trump has shed his mask for the world to see what lies beneath it.  To many people’s surprise he is the same with or without the so-called mask, therefore….the same man that seeks justice wearing the mask is the same man that seeks it behind it.  The same man that seeks truth wearing the mask is the same man that seeks truth behind it.  In fact all things done and meant wearing the so-called mask (before political and media propaganda spin) are the exact same things done and meant without wearing the mask.

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The bottom line is….Trump’s mask is as real as his true face.  He is what he is and the only mask he is wearing is one of discernment.   Trump supporters know where he stands on each issue because Trump explains it to them without sound bytes and spin.  It is the monster media that spins, lies, twists…

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Cruz camp insider washes his hands from the dirtiest campaign in his entire political career.  The underhanded tactics are out of control.  Listen to Bill Still’s report on the Cruz ‘cult like’ campaign and those who are involved from an insider who is now coming clean.

Published on Mar 30, 2016
By Bill Still

With Heidi Cruz missing in action, a significant Cruz insider – let’s call him John Doe – started cleansing his spirit of what apparently is a more evil Cruz campaign than most of us imagined.

At the outset, we are convinced that John Doe is legit. We have seen his employment letter on Cruz campaign stationary. He makes north of $3500 per week.
When this is all over, it is John Doe the nation has to thank for being brave enough to come forward. Right now, the only thing that concerns him is that he doesn’t…

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Lion Guard

On March 11, 2016, five decades of radical left coddling reached its newest and most disgusting low as members of the free stuff cult, by deception and violence, attacked the Trump 2016 rally in Chicago, Illinois. In his magnanimity and concern for public safety, Donald Trump responded by canceling the rally. The Spartacists posers crowed they had canceled the rally, chanting they “Stumped Trump.” As a single event, it was minor and unsurprising, Chicago was the scene of the 1968 Democrat Convention Riot and, in the current year, the city is teeming with anti-American agitators and a skyrocketing murder rate. But this was not an isolated incident, this was part of a long train of abuses imposed upon the American public by treasonous horde.

The wicked deeds of this horde are not merely historical events; as many witnessed this weekend, an American hating brigand attempted to take the life of…

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Donald J Trump – Flip Flopping, No Details Dummy? I Don’t Think So, Read If You Dare!


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I dedicate this op-ed to everyone out there that thinks that Donald J Trump is too vague on details, that he flip-flops on Issues.

I get so sick and tired you people whining that “Trump doesn’t give details of his plans” or “he has flip-flopped” on this or that.

People grow, dammit! I used to be a flaming liberal in my college years and up, before I saw the light! There, now that’s out of the closet!:)

Point being, I can understand your near-sightedness and not being able to grasp the big picture.  Been there, done that!

Details? They’re irrelevant!  

Why, you ask?

Trump is the leader, with the visions, objectives and goals. A true leader that surrounds himself with the finest team possible, to get the job done. Period.

He will appoint the very best people on his cabinet, put them to work on the solutions and get together…

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Patriot Missile: Is Donald Trump On a Mission to Save America?

Source: Patriot Missile: Is Donald Trump On a Mission to Save America?

Trump Told The Truth Once Again! Listen To Bush From His Own Mouth At His Own Press Conference!


I am just letting everyone hear once again what Bush W. told the press when he was pinned down to answer for his going into Iraq on the basis that they had weapons of mass destruction of which he did not have. Here from his own mouth at his own press conference is George W. Bush admitting both that Iraq did not have them, and it had nothing to do with 911.  Trump told the truth.

Dianne Marshall

Also watch what was hidden from the media regarding the lies of Bush.

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It is down right in the gutter to keep attacking those who tell the truth and expose the lies made by bulldozer super PACs and wicked people who keep calling others liars while defending their own evil, underhanded “National Review” style slander.  In another attempt to silence anyone but themselves, the Cruz people write more scathing lies about good people who happen to have an audience.  The Conservative Tree House and The Marshall Report have once again gotten bullied by Cruz based media.

We must be doing something right for the big super PAKS to think we are a threat to their candidate…who is a danger to his own self.  Cruz has no one to blame for all his bad publicity but himself and those he has surrounded himself with.

The only ones employing baseless and false attacks are the Cruz camp.  It appears they have no conscience and no…

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